Web-mining Methods

General Information

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Title: Web-mining Methods.
Deliverable: D4.1.1.
Author(s): Morten Goodwin.
Published date: May 2009.
Published at: eGovernment Monitor 2009

The EIAO project is co-funded by the European Commission, under the IST contract 2003-004526-STREP.


In this deliverable we present an approach for measuring transparency of Norwegian municipality web sites using learning algorithms. As a proof of concept we have developed an algorithm for detecting the presence of mail records. This implementation detects mail records with an accuracy of 96.5% using only about 3 seconds per page.

Additionally, we have outlined initial ideas of how to implement algorithms for all eGovMon tests which rely on learning algorithms.

The author of this document is:
Morten Goodwin
E-mail address is:
morten.goodwin __at__ uia.no
Phone is:
+47 95 24 86 79