eGovMon System Design Specification

General Information

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Title: eGovMon System Design Specification.
Deliverable: D4.2.1.
Author(s): Morten Goodwin.
Published date: May 2009.
Published at: eGovernment Monitor 2009

The EIAO project is co-funded by the European Commission, under the IST contract 2003-004526-STREP.


In this document we present the design specification of the first iteration of the eGovMon implementation. The eGovMon tool is built on the results from the FP6 project European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO), and is intended to include approaches to measure accessibility, transparency, efficiency and impact.

The main focus of this paper is to present the architecture updates from EIAO to eGovMon motivated by changes needed to: (1) evaluate transparency and (2) simplify the data storage approach and improve the capacity compared to the results achieved in the EIAO project.

The author of this document is:
Morten Goodwin
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morten.goodwin circle-a
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