EIAO documented source code version 2.2

General Information

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Title: EIAO documented source code version 2.2.
Deliverable: D5.2.2.1-2.
Author(s): Nils Ulltveit-Moe, Morten Goodwin, Anand B. Pillai, Terje Gjøsæter.
Published date: May 2008.
Published at: European Internet Accessibility Observatory 2008

The EIAO project is co-funded by the European Commission, under the IST contract 2003-004526-STREP.


European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO) v 2.2 is a tool for performing regular large scale accessibility surveys on a set of web sites according to the UWEM 1.2 fully automatable rule set. The tool consists of a web crawler that crawls the web site using a breadthfirst strategy, a Sampler that extracts a uniform random sample of the web pages crawled, Web Accessibility Metrics (WAM) for evaluation of web pages, an ETL that loads evaluation results from the evaluation RDF databases to the Data Warehouse and a web based online reporting tool. This document presents how to install and run the Observatory, its architecture and also how software components work in more detail, with reference to the source code modules involved.

The author of this document is:
Morten Goodwin
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morten.goodwin __at__ uia.no
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+47 95 24 86 79