How Accessible is the Public European Web?

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Title: How Accessible is the Public European Web?.
Author(s): Morten Goodwin.
Published date: November 2008.
Published at: Writing and Reviewing Scientific Papers 2008


Making public web sites accessible to all European citizens is an important goal of the European i2010 strategy. This paper presents results from an accessibility evaluation of European governmental web sites, showing that Europe is far from reaching the goal of having all public web sites barrier free within 2010. In fact, 28% of all applied tests discover barriers wich causes significant problems for people with special needs.

The evaluation has been carried out using the first fully automatic implementation of the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology.
Evaluation of web accessibility is traditionally carried out manually which includes several challenges. In contrast, over approach avoids the usual bias part of manual accessibility evaluation. It further makes it possible for the first time to have a sadistically sound comparison of web accessibility between European countries.


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