Distributing resource allocation based on simulated user interaction

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Title: Distributing resource allocation based on simulated user interaction.
Author(s): Trabelsi Walid, Morten Goodwin.
Published date: June 2007.
Published at: Technology for Participation 2007


Due to the explosive growth of the Internet, web search engines are becoming increasingly important as the primary means of locating relevant information. This rapidly growing amount of data on the web leads to new challenges in order to allocated resources in distributed web. This is especially true if we keep in mind that any content should available as quickly as possible for the end users. This can be seen as a distributed resource allocation problem, as the crawler should minimize the time spent downloading of the web sites with limited resources when resources available vary between access points. In the same way, the search engine can lead to minimize the duration of accessing cached pages from the end users. In this paper, we study the use of the Object Migration Automaton (OMA) for Distributed Resource Allocation Problem. The objective of our approach is to position web sites downloaded utilizing the available resources as best as possible and thus minimizing the total duration of download and especially the duration of each requests from the perspective of the end users.


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